Adventure Fun Run!


Coming Soon! 

Adventure Dash Fun Run is a 10 day fundraiser that is broken  down into 3 major components. Every student participates during the week and everyone gets to run on Dash Day! 

1. RALLY DAY Feb 5th

The Adventure Dash Team will lead a fun and exciting pep rally for the entire school. There will be music and dancing and  will get the kids super pumped about raising money for their school. 


Every classroom will participate in daily character based health and fitness lessons.  

3. DASH DAY Feb 13th

This is the day we have all been waiting for and an event they will not forget. Adventure Dash Fun Run puts together an obstacle course fun run with music, dancing, and cool, age appropriate (yet challenging) obstacles. EVERY child will be able to participate on Dash Day as we close out a successful fundraiser!

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